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Summary of the Employee Compensation Functionality:

The Compensation module maintains, tracks, compares, surveys, and reports wage and salary plans for individual employees, or groups of employees. All commonly used salary grids/matrices can be defined with ease and flexibility.

Global changes can be easily applied as any number of selection criteria are available.


  • Unlimited number of plans, grades per plan, steps per grade
  • Any number of additional pays (allowances, stipends) can be attached to the employee wage record
  • Compa-ratio calculations
  • Salary grids can be created based upon job evaluations
  • Recording of compensation survey information for regional or occupational comparisons
  • Controlled, audited compensation changes
  • Effective dates on changes, mass generation of global changes with extensive selection and change criteria
  • Simulated salary updating for modeling scenarios (what-if analysis) and collective agreement costing
  • Full organizational compensation analysis