Health & Safety

The Health and Safety module manages common health and occupational safety issues.

finger touching health and safety module
The module tracks both accident and medical histories for every employee, and can be used to schedule and monitor standard medical exams, medical testing of all kinds, convalescent follow-ups, and even corrective actions.

In addition, the Health and Safety module tracks any Incidents or Inquiries that occur in the workplace, and provides statistical/analysis reports.

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  • Full accident/incident tracking.
  • Full medical profiles for each employee.
  • Non-employee incidents can be recorded (e.g. property damage).
  • Both work and non-work related injuries.
  • Full details on injuries, body parts, basic cause, disposition, etc.
  • Full event chronology related to incident (e.g. follow ups, examinations, etc.
  • Full note capability on incidents.
  • Full note capability on employee/incidents.
  • Accident statistics.
  • Work locations attributes including hazardous conditions.