We understand healthcare is delivered by your most valuable resource, your people.

StarGarden can help effectively manage your HR systems!

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How are Healthcare HR needs unique?
  • Workforce Planning: Scheduling and planning of resource allocation is crucial in a healthcare environment. Quality of care provided to patients can be at risk if the right resources are not on staff at the right time. 
  • Training Development and learning: The services a healthcare provider can deliver depends largely upon the knowledge, skills, and training of those individuals responsible for delivering health services. Therefore it is important that the skills development of your healthcare workforce is on-going and the certification & licensing status requirements are kept up to date.
  • Recruiting, On-boarding & Retention: Healthcare quality and patient satisfaction depends on the effectiveness of the HR function in the organization. Being able to hire, on-board, and retain your best people, is very important to the successful delivery of the healthcare services you provide.
  • Reporting: Having a clear picture of budget, absenteeism rates, turnover rates, and expiry of licenses are all important for reporting and compliance purposes. Solid data is crucial and StarGarden provides detailed, date-effective data for you to report on in a variety of formats. 
  • Performance Management: You have to drive accountability to reward individual and team performance through constant feedback and coaching tools.

StarGarden HCM’s Capabilities for Hospitals and Healthcare Organization:

  • Flexible Forms: StarGarden’s Workflow tool helps you configure all the forms and checklists you need to give you the flexibility to process organizational changes quickly
  • Scheduling and Work-plans: StarGarden’s integrated HCM means you get the ease of time clock, scheduling, and workforce planning all in one place
  • Integrated system with recruiting and training modules: StarGarden HCM allows you to post jobs, track applicants, on-board, and enroll employees in required training courses.
  • Performance Managed: With an emphasis on continual feedback loops for on-going improvements, StarGarden allows you to have quantitative ratings based on user-defined ranking systems, as well as store comments and feedback for qualitative evaluations
  • HR reports: StarGarden has 150+ standard reports, an embedded adhoc report writer, and dashboard capabilities that can give you a quick view of the metrics you care most about.
training module

StarGarden HCM’s Training Module allows you to enroll an employee in required programs to keep them up-to-date with certifications and license requirements.

Delivering a high quality patient experience is especially challenging in an industry dealing with considerable financial pressures, regulatory requirements, and the implementation of new technologies such as the Electronic Health Record. 

Let StarGarden HCM 5.0 help you address the important aspects of your HR delivery.

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