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Labor costs are often one of the largest line items on a municipality’s or county’s yearly budget, yet many organizations struggle with being able to reconcile actual labor costs with their budgeted costs.

For management to have that kind of finely tuned information to make relevant decisions, it is crucial that payroll data be detailed and accurate.

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Healthcare Solutions White Paper


Make Your Data Work for You

As an HR professional in the Healthcare field, you need accurate data for planning and decision-making. However, often the data you have is wrong or incomplete.  Without accurate information, you are unable to effectively plan for budgeting, staffing, payroll and other essential healthcare related services.

Managing data for strategic planning and decision making should not be so complex. StarGarden’s HR and Payroll solution for Healthare allows you to:

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When employees enter their own time, payroll staff saves time. Data entered at the source is more complete and accurate, freeing payroll staff for more valuable work, such as analysis.StarGarden’s workflows make sure you have the right resource for the task with the proper authority and competency, all online through an easy to use web-based user interface.

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Payrolls with a cross-border workforce can be complex. With integrated payroll, scheduling and budgeting, you can stay on top of schedule patterns and resource requirements for better planning and greater flexibility. StarGarden provides the single source for all your HCM and Payroll needs.

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The web interface and web based workflows makes it easy to complete many procedures including hiring, terminating, scheduling, and transferring. Roles can be defined with different authority for proper routing of workflows.