We understand the needs of Care Continuum Service Providers

Being a service provider in the Care Continuum your HR needs are unique:

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Caring for others is a uniquely human function that cannot be replaced by machines. Seniors and patients in need of assistance services must feel supported and cared for at all times. Maintaining a qualified staff is crucial to provide the expected level of care. Government regulations also mandate employing properly certified care givers as well as the right number of care givers to maintain a standard number of hours of care per patient per day.

A number of studies have shown strong links between proper staffing in long term care facilities and patient/client outcomes.

What do you need to understand about your employees? You need to be able to track and analyze level of care (number of hours), and the mix of care providers (care aids, nursing staff, on-call physicians, etc.). In addition, you need to be able to provide the following HR functions:

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Training and Development
Training your staff appropriately and tracking their professional licenses is imperative. Development of resources through enrollment in training has become a necessity for succession and contingency planning in face of increasing competition for skilled resources, changing technology, and government requirements to stay compliant with regulations. The most critical challenge facing your staff is lack of time. Therefore you need to motivate your managers to develop talent through better on-the-job engagement, coaching and planning.
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Recruitment and Succession Planning
Keeping staffing levels at par with government guidelines to meet the requisite staffing ratios, means you need to always have the right number of people with the required skills available to provide quality care. This means having to recruit talent often, complete timely performance assessments to provide feedback, and promote high potential employees.
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Workplace safety
Even one additional patient with complicated care needs can increase your work load and create safety concerns for your staff and other residents. Increasing violence at facilities is a growing concern and you have to ensure that staffing and scheduling are done so as to have a manageable workload for your employees to avoid incidents.
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Time and Scheduling
To avoid workplace safety issues and work overload, it is important to have a well-planned schedule so as to provide the best care with smooth shift transitions.

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Tracking and Reporting
You have to rely heavily on time and activity tracking to comply with government funding and reporting requirements. As resources are often on the move, online reporting through smartphones make much more sense than manual and paper based processes.
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Unions and collective agreements management
Portions of your employee base may belong to unions. You need to be able to abide by union contracts and have the flexibility to incorporate new rules when contracts get renegotiated.
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Your staff performs a multitude of functions on a day-to-day basis switching back and forth between systems. It is imperative that the systems in place talk to each other and the information flows appropriately so you get a complete and accurate picture to make informed decisions.

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The Care Continuum employs a wide range of professionals with different skill sets that HR has to hire, retain and schedule each day to provide the best care for patients and residents.

How StarGarden can help HR professionals like you:

  • Time and scheduling: Multiple systems, steps and manual processes required to capture time can create data prone to error. Using Star Garden’s self-service tools allows you to submit, manage and approve time and vacation requests. StarGarden reduces the need for additional systems and simplifies the overall scheduling, time capture and employee payment processes.

  • Training: Finding time in their busy days is a challenge for your resources. StarGarden’s Training module allows employees to request training that fits with your schedule and submit automated requests for approvals to their managers. Managers can enroll their direct reports in classes to stay compliant and receive automated reminders about their employees’ expiring credentials.

  • Recruitment: StarGarden HCM allows you to access skilled pools of quality applicants to respond to hiring requirements on demand. It provides accurate management and analysis of hiring sources, costs, and all the recruitment-related tasks built into your own, unique recruitment workflow. With proactive and responsive online processes, budgeting, and workforce planning becomes much easier.

  • Workflows: StarGarden’s workflow tool can be used to co-ordinate claims and get approvals.
    • Health and Safety incidents: Recording and following up on incidents online provides a full audit and approval trail to track and report on health and safety concerns.
    • Vacation and Leave Management: With staffing being such an important component of care, having automated tools that allow for the submission of approval requests and the ability for managers to fill shifts in employee absence is crucial.
    • Performance - Feedback Management: StarGarden’s configurable performance review workflow allows for check-ins to provide feedback and record discussions and reviews.

  • Reporting and Dashboards: StarGarden’s HCM 5.0 is a completely integrated HR system that allows easy input of data and offers user-friendly report generation capabilities. Plus, StarGarden offers training for end-users, both during initial implementation and for ongoing continuing education. With 150 + pre-defined reports and dashboards, viewing current metrics becomes easy for planning and compliance reporting.

  • Unions and Collective Agreements: StarGarden has built-in flexibility to define the rules specific to your organization. You can easily change compensation and payroll and benefits rules in accordance with new union agreements while still maintaining old ones for retroactive payments.

  • Health and Safety: StarGarden provides comprehensive record keeping of all employee training courses. Proactive reminders are available for courses and certifications that require renewal. Health and Safety related information with consolidated record keeping and reporting, emergency contact tracking, and medical tests, can all be systematically documented.

  • Interoperable HCM: StarGarden can easily connect with your existing systems allowing data to be exchanged and viewed through one user interface. With all your applications and data in one place you won’t need to switch back and forth between systems.

Let us take care of your data and regulatory needs while you manage
your most important resource: your people!

Human Resources is the key to success in nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities (SNF's), assisted living facilities (ALF's), Long Term Care facilities, independent nursing facilities, and palliative care and hospice centers. We can help you automate tasks and eliminate paper work so you can get back to taking care of the people who need you the most. Let StarGarden’s 30+ years of experience help you improve the quality of care you give.

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