• There has to be a
    Better Way

Companies with 1,000 employees

Waste $2,500,000 per year

due to the inability to find and access information
- International Data Corporation -


Your HR & Payroll System Can Make or Break Your Business

  • Is your staff wasting time wading through spreadsheets?
  • Are your employees suffering from inefficient processes or antiquated systems?
  • Do you have access to the data you need to make important decisions?
  • Are you getting the most of your HR system?

There Has To Be a Better Way

HR executives need efficient systems and processes in place so they can effectively manage payroll and access accurate data for strategic planning.

Without these systems in place – chaos ensues. But, when these systems are robust and accurate, the business – and the people who keep that business moving – thrive.

StarGarden offers a full suite of HCM and Payroll solutions to help save you time and money through streamlined processes, customized workflows and automated reporting.


better way eBook

In this eBook

  • 30 pages of quotes, statistics and information about how your company is affected by your HR systems
  • Identify the symptoms of an HR system that is failing your business
  • Discover how using integrated systems and automated workflows free your employees to contribute to the overall strategy success of your busines
  • Read an illustrative comparison of the impact on two CEO’s lives and their company’s success – or failure – when they need to quickly gather information
  • Analyze the story of two payroll clerks: One inhibited by tedious manual reporting systems; the other freed to contribute to the company’s success by using automatic workflows


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Searching for Information

35% of the workday

76% of company executives considered information to be "mission critical"
and their company's most important asset

  • “HRIS have dramatically altered how HR services are delivered and managed by organizations. Used effectively, these systems make the HR function more efficient and better informed…”

    SHRM Foundation
  • “For me, human resources are the nuts and bolts of the business.”

    Phillipe Gas, CEO Euro Disney