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"We've been using StarGarden for over a year and appreciate the flexibility and that it can handle the requirements of multiple contracts. We find it to be user friendly and if we run into any issues, the customer service is great." - Selkirk College

You’re asking the questions. Is your HR/payroll data giving you the right answers?

Chances are your current HR/Payroll system has the potential to collect boatloads of data, but turning that data into usable information for planning and decision-making can be a nearly impossible task – particularly when the data going in is incomplete or inaccurate because of how and where it is being collected.

How prepared are you for the next budget crisis?

How easily can you make effective adjustments to staffing and payroll?

How responsive are you to the changing needs of your communities?

As a government HR professional in education, you likely deal with a workforce made up of multiple entities with unique requirements:

  • Union workers with specific rules for overtime, scheduling, and seniority
  • Administrative vs. teaching staff
  • Seniority tracking and reporting requirements
  • Credential and training management

Add to that the need to have a clear picture of what work is being done and who is being paid what to do it… well, that’s where things can get really fuzzy.

Data goes in. Information comes out.

Why not make your data work for you…

  1. Have employees enter their own time. Data entered at the source is more complete and accurate, and frees payroll staff for more valuable work, such as analysis.
  2. Connect time to specific activities, not just positions. Identifying exactly what employee time (especially overtime) is being used for allows you to make intelligent adjustments when needed.
  3. Integrate payroll, scheduling and budgeting. Combining these keeps you on top of schedule patterns and resource requirements for better planning and greater flexibility.

According to the Government, approximately 1/3 of employers make payroll mistakes. This can lead to costly penalties, but also to huge costs in terms of lost opportunities from having the wrong or incomplete information.

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The Academics of HR/Payroll: Smart solutions for Challenging Budget Decisions

School districts today face the challenge of trying to operate within severe budgets. Administrators, Superintendents and School Trustees must come up with innovative scenarios to perform this juggling act. When managing funding shortfalls or downturns in revenue, administrators should be able to rely on accurate budgeting to steer the district through choppy waters. For administrators to have that kind of finely tuned information to make relevant decisions, it is crucial that payroll data be detailed and accurate.

  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Employee and Manager Self Service for teachers and administration
  • Teaching credential and certificate management
  • Teacher seniority tracking and reporting
  • Benefit and deduction calculation builder handles complex scenarios found in teacher contracts
  • Embedded adhoc reporting capability
  • WEB-based workflows for hiring, terminating, transferring and many other common procedures
  • Online Recruitment capability for teacher and support staff
  • Online Performance Management
  • Position control and district budgeting
  • Full date-effective audit trail
  • Fast and cost-effective implementations

School District Payrolls Are Complex

Regardless of size, School District payrolls can be complex. We handle those complexities with our fully integrated Human Resource, Payroll and scheduling software. StarGarden’s robust functionality in combination with its top-rated support and customer service, makes your job that much easier.

E We were looking for a like-minded partner with experience in the education market and whose technology could be easily integrated into our larger HR/Finance system. We needed a sophisticated payroll solution that complements our solution and is reasonably priced. StarGarden was very responsive during the proof-of-concept phase of our analysis and we look forward to a long and productive partnership.F

Dan Orlando


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