StarGarden understands the Double Life of a Human Resources Professional.

As an HR professional - with hands in just about every aspect of your organization – your responsibilities are deep, wide and complex.

On one hand, you deal with the nuts and bolts of day-to-day data management.

  • Entering it
  • Maintaining it
  • Tracking it
  • Reporting on it

On the other hand, you have much to contribute to your organization’s big-picture, strategic development. After all, nothing is more important than the biggest item in the budget – your people.


In a perfect world, you’d have the software solutions that easily, effectively, efficiently and economically manage your data AND give you the information you need to be a valuable strategic partner.

In a perfect world, you’d have:

StarGarden Foundation  x

StarGarden HCM  x


StarGarden Foundation

StarGarden HCM


See how we solve industry challenges:

Governments  x

Local governments select StarGarden because they have complex pay and benefit issues that no other payroll program can manage.

“It was a relief to finally have StarGarden to do the thinking for us. We put in the rules, it does the calculations ... "  read more x

Healthcare  x

Healthcare organizations select StarGarden because it can meet the complex Scheduling requirements while respecting overtime rules.

“We struggled for years with trying to get the data we needed from our current system in order to plan ..."  read more x

Education  x

College and school districts choose StarGarden because it can calculate complex payroll and track HR performance, training and recruitment.

“We’ve been using StarGarden for over a year and appreciate the flexibility and that it can handle multiple contracts ..."  read more x

Unionized Industry  x

Labor costs are often one of the largest line items in a budget, yet many organizations struggle with being able to reconcile actual labor costs with their budgeted costs.

"StarGarden is extremely effective for managing all of our collective agreements and union contracts. When contracts are renegotiated ..."  read more x

Cross Border Entities  x

Companies operating with workers in both Canada (including Quebec) and the US (oil and gas, mining, refineries etc.) today face the challenge of trying to re-deploy people to various jurisdictions as projects expand, shrink or close.

“We need real-time information to make smart adjustments to staffing, balancing part-time and full-time ..."  read more x

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